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Acai berries shot to prominence in 2009, when Oprah Winfrey named them as a "superfood" she was finding helpful. However, these Amazonian berries have been prized by local cultures for thousands of years for their health giving properties. 

These berries come from a Central and South American tree. Dark purple in colour, they look very similar to blueberries, with a tart, almost dark chocolatey flavour. Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, which play an important role in preventing the cell damage caused by free radicals. They are known to have one of the highest ORAC ratings (oxygen radical absorption capacity) of any food. 

Acai's purple colour comes from anthocyanins, which are known to lower cholesterol. Plant sterols in acai berries also boost heart health, improving circulation and relaxing blood vessels. 

Studies are ongoing into whether acai berries can help with weight loss, but it is thought that they may help to mitigate the effects of a high-fat diet. A good source of dietary fibre, they can also help you to feel fuller, for longer. 

You can eat acai berries raw, blended into smoothies or as an ingredient in healthy desserts. 

Acai berry supplements are typically available as juice, powder, tea bags, capsules or tablets. If you want to experience the power of acai berries for yourself, choose the supplement from our range which best suits your needs and lifestyle.




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